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Hello, i'm durrell, Founder of South Florida Integrative Health Center

My passion is to empower individuals to become the healthiest versions of themselves. When I was young, I would watch my father, a leader in public health, take care of the people in his Community Health Center. He would teach about the healing powers of the plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits all around them. He inspired me to dedicate my whole life to help people become healthy using more natural methods. Throughout my years of research and clinical practice in Nutrition and as a Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner, I have been able to develop cutting-edge and successful protocols to help my clients to reach their optimal health potential. My mission is to use my 25 years of experience in both natural and conventional medicine to personalize, based on your unique health picture, a plan to optimize your health.       

I will always give my entire focus and attention to put together the whole-health picture. My excellent health outcomes and 5-star reviews confirm my total commitment to you. I look forward to helping you reach your health goals!

Meet Dr. Durrell Handwerger DNP, APRN, BC-APHN

Let Us Help Optimize Your Health Journey


Functional medicine is a way to treat health problems by finding and fixing root causes. It looks at a person’s overall health, rather than just treating symptoms. If you want a more personalized approach to healthcare, functional medicine may be right for you.


We look at the whole person and dig deeper to optimize immunity and inflammation. Our diagnostic testing helps us find answers for underlying issues.


We have unique integrative health solutions using the best of holistic pain management alternatives.


Boost mitochondria and increase your energy!


We have customized a holistic, individualized program for improved cognitive performance, improved moods and enhanced memory and brain fog.


We get to the root cause of low libido and low sex drive.


So much of a woman’s health is dependent on the optimization of all her hormones including the thyroid and adrenals, and far too often this is not addressed as part of her reproductive health plan.


Discover the root cause of high cholesterol, high blood sugar and heart disease.


Dr. Durrell knows that issues with the skin are greater than skin deep.


Using the latest gut health testing we find the underlying cause of symptoms and disease and find natural solutions.


Weight loss is about more than what you see when you step on the scale, it is about fixing the underlying causes of unhealthy fat.

Uncover the Secrets of Your Health with Comprehensive Testing

Take control of your health and wellness with our comprehensive testing services. From gut microbiome to heavy metals, body composition, toxins to mold, vitamins and minerals to food sensitivities, we provide the insights you need to make informed decisions about your health.

01:21 08 Dec 22
I am so glad i found Dr Durrell ,i saw him on video 3 years ago talking about the underlying causes of our symptoms and gut issue , but i always postpone going as we are always busy with life . i wish i had gone there 3years ago . This doctor is a nice human , not like regular doctor who don't want to know about your foot if you come for your finger , he look at the whole picture and try to find out what are the reason you feel this way ; he take time to explain you your blood test and go deeper into the issue until he can find how to help you resolve your health problem .Dr Durrell tailors his plans super specific to each patient. He is extremely caring, so smart, genuine and truly just wants the best for his patients. You really feel like a human not just a number when you are in this officeI am so grateful and thankful for you Durrell!!! and i recommend anyone not feeling themself to take the time to go , make an appointment ; it is refreshing to see there are still doctors who remember why they choose to do this profession in the first place ! Thank you very much Dr Durrell for your time and knowledge 🙂
Erica DePascaleErica DePascale
02:47 01 Nov 22
I am physically excited to write this review! I have been struggling SO SO long with PCOS and other metabolic issues. Then, everything got worse after having COVID in 2020. I have not felt well since and other doctors have just waved me and my concerns off. From the literal moment I sat down in Durrell’s office I felt a huge sense of relief and care. Our first appointment he took 2 hours to look over all of my past bloodwork and continued to explain to me how my body processes work and why I might be having issues. I have a lot of health anxiety and hate going to doctors but actually LOVED being there learning with him for 3 hours. He is such a gentle human!The tests he ran were so detailed and when we got the results, we spent another 3 hours going over a plan to heal so many ailments, issues and nutrition deficiencies other doctors never spoke of. He mapped out a path of how my life would be in 30 years if I continued the way I was and it was truly humbling to see what poor state my health has been in even after seeing traditional “doctors” a ton after COVID. He never once made me feel anything but empowered to make some changes!!!I truly feel like Durrell gave me control of my body back and helped me understand what’s happening. He tailors his plans super specific to each patient. He is extremely caring, so smart, genuine and truly just wants the best for his patients. I’ve even been able to text him questions about foods and things along the way. I can’t wait to start healing because he helped me get to the root causes of my issues.Truly, he’s a divine intervention I am so sooooo grateful and thankful for you Durrell!!!
Oliver ChizzOliver Chizz
01:56 14 Sep 22
Dr. Durrell is very knowledgeable and understanding in his area of expertise...he offers an holistic approach to your Healthcare needs combined with modern medicine....he has helped me improve my Health and he can do the same for you...check him out peeps!
Artemis CepheiArtemis Cephei
14:57 10 Aug 22
Doctor Handwerger is an excellent, astute, detail and solutions oriented clinician.My partner suffered from a series of maladies, that to many other doctors seemed unrelated. They had told her there wasn't much to do, or gave her pills - and said to live with it.Handwerger instead, sat with us, looking through all her medical data for the last 10 years, and of course more recent years. He explained how systems in the body interact with other systems - and looked for causations and correlations.Using the data, he offered advice on which foods, herbs, adaptogens, environments would repair and lay foundation for strengthening systems. He paired this with some supplements - for things harder for the body to break down.More tests were done, with more tweaks.Even outside the office the doctor kept in touch with us, for progress.Never before had i worked with a doctor so interested in their craft and in the full health of the patient.
Benny AminovBenny Aminov
23:06 02 Aug 22
The journey to start the healing process is always a ongoing process. Life always seems to throw curve balls at us and when finding solutions, most of the time we get sidetracked from the real source of our issues. I seeked Durrell Handwerger since he deals with the entire picture of the body including a comprehensive bloodwork and stool sample to test for parasites, bacteria, worms, inflammation markers, etc.On our follow up consultation, he really was patient and thorough with his analysis of my blood and stool results and spent about 3 hours trying to come up with a game plan to get my health to a optimum state. Durrell is sincere in his approach and doesn’t take short cuts, especially at the expense of the patient. He is ethical with his approach and seems to have the experience and tools to guide me to heal.I would highly recommend Durrell for those looking to take personal responsibility and be pro active with your overall well-being.I’m about to start a game plan with Durrell so would love to make a updated follow up to this review in about 3-6 months to share my results.

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