Hidden Food Sensitives could be making you fat,tired, and bloated.

We always wonder when we have a reaction to a food, whether we are sensitive to that food or not. Finally an easy test that uses methods that detect both IgG antibody and Immune Complexes together to determine the reactivity of each sample against a wide variety of food antigens. Often other testing measures IgG alone!!

Food Sensitivities cause a wide variety of illnesses ranging from skin rashes and headaches to chronic intestinal diseases. Food Sensitivities and related ...

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Optimizing your health with Micronutrient Testing

Each of us question what vitamins and nutrients do I need? So we take what we take. But are we knowledgeable to pick and choose? Did you know 50% of people taking multivitamins are micronutrient deficient, despite supplementation.The one size fits all approach to health is definitely not true. Extensive scientific and clinical studies spanning 50 years have repeatedly demonstrated that micronutrient deficiencies adversely affect health. These deficiencies can create a setting for ...

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Gut bacteria testing for optimal health.

What is your gut feeling? Today, more than ever before, we realize that the root causes of chronic illness starts in the gut, the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The GI tract is home to an entire ecosystem of microorganisms ( known as the microbiome). This means living in a symbiotic relationship with its host, which is you. These microorganisms do more than just reside with in us. They are essential for life and health. ...

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Herbal Medicine Safety and Interactions

While most herbs have been used successfully for thousands of years, prescription drugs haven’t and scientific research into the interactions between the 2 is limited. Herbs are being added to foods, drinks and we think herbs are natural but they have activity in the body, especially concentrated forms of herbs known as standardized extracts.

Here are a few examples:

Heart medications such as Digoxin and diuretics can lower potassium also Licorice can lower potassium as well as herbs that act as diuretics ...

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The power of personalized medicine

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