Women's Health

So much of a woman’s health is dependent on the optimization of all her hormones including the thyroid and adrenals, and far too often this is not addressed as part of her reproductive health plan. We get to the root cause by using a holistic lens into what makes a woman function at her best. We use the latest in functional medicine to optimize thyroid, adrenal and reproductive hormones. In a world where estrogen- mimicking compounds are everywhere, including cosmetics, water, food, and plastic, it is imperative that hormones such as Estrogen are properly broken down and eliminated from the body. We use advanced testing to address the underlying pathways that eliminate and utilize the hormones in the body. Through examination of inflammation, detoxification, gut health, and nutritional insufficiencies, We optimize the underlying pathways that lead to hormone optimization. This can help with many women’s health issues including fertility, fibroids, and peri and post menapausal symptoms to help a woman feel and function at her very best.
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