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 I really wanted to share with you this exciting new technology that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve. There is so much research on why it is important to increase the parasympathetic nervous system for calmness, a feeling of peace and relaxation. Now you can with CES.


What is CES?

CES, or cranial electrotherapy stimulation, is a therapeutic

procedure using minute battery-powered current for the

treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Stimulation is generally applied through electrodes, small

conductive gel pads, placed between the ears and the jaw.

Physicians, however, may vary the site of treatment based on

their own protocol or employ conductive rubber ear-clips in

lieu of electrodes. The sensation is quite mild. The most a

patient will experience during a session is a gentle tingling


Treatment Regimen

CES is prescribed and monitored by a health-care professional

and is typically administered once or twice a day for

30-45 minutes over a period of one month, after which the

frequency may be reduced to twice or three times weekly.

Positive results may be experienced almost immediately;

though some patients might require as long as a month. For

lasting benefits, treatment should be continued at irregular

intervals, on an as-needed basis.


CES was developed in the former Soviet Union during the

1950s, its primary focus being the treatment of sleep disorders,

hence its initial designation as “electro-sleep.” Treatment

of insomnia was soon overshadowed, however, by psychiatric

application for depression and anxiety.

East European nations soon picked up on CES as a treatment

modality, and its use spread worldwide. By the late 1960s,

animal studies of CES had begun in the United States at the

University of Tennessee and what is now the University of

Wisconsin Medical School. These were soon followed by human

clinical trials at the University of Texas Medical School

in San Antonio and the University of Wisconsin Medical

School. More studies followed. The most extensive work on

CES is presently being conducted at the Pavlov Institute in

St. Petersburg, Russia.

The efficacy and safety of CES therapy can be attested to

by approximately 1,000 articles, many of which are listed

in four reviews put out by the Foreign Service Bulletin of

the United States Library of Congress. There is additionally

a wealth of physiological and bio-engineering data on

electro-sleep and electro-anesthesia, including 18 experimental

animal studies. Human research studies on CES currently

number more than 100. Its efficacy has been clinically

confirmed through 28 established psychometric tests, computerized

EEGs and topographical brain-mapping. Metaanalyses

yielding positive results from the use of CES have

been conducted at the University of Tulsa and at the Harvard

University School of Public Health.

CES has been an international treatment modality for more

than 50 years. Thousands of people worldwide continue to

receive its benefits. Current estimates are that there are between

50-100,000 units in use globally.

The CES Ultra™

The CES Ultra™ is built to meet the needs of contemporary

life. It is totally safe: non-invasive and non-addictive, with

minimal sensation and minimal side effects.

It is user-friendly: featuring ease of application, a choice of

pre-gelled electrodes or ear-clips, a single control setting,

and personal timer. It is efficient: with its automatic shut-off

and low battery indicator. It is convenient to use. Compact

and portable, only slightly larger than a cell phone, it may be

held in your hands or placed in your pocket or carried about

in its fitted carrying case. It is of durable construction and

made to last.

Initial Usage

• Pleasant tingling sensation

• Gradual relaxation

First Two-Three Days

• Normalization of sleep patterns

• Decreased nervous energy and frenetic behavior

• Faster onset of sleep on going to bed

• Feeling of being rested on waking in the morning

• Elevation of mood

• Fewer and shorter periods of waking at night

Week One

• Diminished depression and mood swings

• Fewer episodes of irrational anger and irritability

• Improved impulse control

• Greater sense of balance, centeredness, and calm

• A pleasant, detached state and quieting of the mind

Weeks Two and Three

• Diminished mental confusion

• Heightened clarity and alertness

• Improved task concentration

• Normalized information recall

• Heightened ability to focus

• Increased mental energy

• Accelerated learning

CES: the non-drug alternative

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