Durrell Handwerger, FNP-C, MSN, BSN

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Durrell has been on the cutting edge of medicine. His science-based medical expertise combined with his years of working with patients around the country gives him a unique understanding of the importance of individualized medical care.

Durrell has always believed in the healing power of nature and has sought out therapies that support the body in the healing process. He has studied Eastern Medicine, including acupressure, Shiatsu, and Chinese medicine. Over the course of many years of training, he has utilized in his practice natural healing therapies from all over the world. Durrell has extensive experience working closely with patients using his evidence-based medical training combined with the traditional use of herbal medicine and nutrients to help improve and better the lives of those with chronic diseases and for those who are looking to prevent disease. In addition, patients seek out Durrell for his experience in Functional Medicine for aging well.

Patients feel very comfortable and welcome with Durrell, as he has extensive experience with natural healing plants and nutraceuticals that heal the body. His years of working as a Family Nurse Practitioner have given him a deep understanding of both modern medicine and natural medicine. These two combined help to find solutions that really work. Your path to health is tailored just for you in a safe, science-based, and professional manner.