We look at the whole person and dig deeper to optimize immunity and inflammation. Our diagnostic testing helps us find answers for underlying issues. We establish a comprehensive immune protocol personalized for you utilizing a holistic approach to functional medicine. This includes, but is not limited to, improving your health lifestyle, optimization of gut health, detoxification, and optimizing underlying systems. Learn More (link)

Using the latest gut health testing we find the underlying cause of symptoms and disease and find natural solutions. We determine whether or not leaky gut is present by examining whether there is an overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria, Candida, and parasites. We know that an unhealthy gut may contribute to many diseases including diabetes, chronic fatigue and obesity. We help with bloating, GERD, constipation, IBS, gas, and other digestive disorders. We use
the most accurate food sensitivity testing for food allergies and recommend personalized diets and nutrient protocols that restore gut function, which is critical in eliminating chronic gut inflammation.

We have unique integrative health solutions using the best of holistic pain management alternatives including medical marijuana and CBD as well as anti-inflammatory herbs and nerve and muscle calming nutrients to address pain. We bring the best of holistic and integrative medicine to help better control your pain without the use of strong opiates.

Boost mitochondria and increase your energy! The health of the mitochondria is essential for optimal energy. Restoring adrenal gland health by normalizing cortisol levels and optimizing mitochondrial function are two of the foundational ways that Dr. Durrell increases your energy.

We have customized a holistic, individualized program for improved cognitive performance, improved moods and enhanced memory and brain fog. Bringing alternative medicine and modern medicine together, Dr. Durrell utilizes the latest research on the gut/brain connection, advanced microbiome testing and advanced nutritional and inflammation testing, to put together an individualized program designed to optimize cognition and slow the progression of the aging

We get to the root cause of low libido and low sex drive by improving inflammation, insulin-resistance, oxidative stress, insufficient vitamins and nutrients and healthy fats. Bring your energy and libido up to where you perform at your very best. Address the root cause, don’t just treat the symptoms of low sex drive, libido and hormones.

So much of a woman’s health is dependent on the optimization of all her hormones including the thyroid and adrenals, and far too often this is not addressed as part of her reproductive health plan. Dr. Durrell gets to the root cause by using a holistic lens into what makes a woman function at her best. Dr. Durrell uses the latest in functional medicine to optimize thyroid, adrenal
and reproductive hormones. In a world where estrogen- mimicking compounds are everywhere, including cosmetics, water, food, and plastic, it is imperative that hormones such as Estrogen are properly broken down and eliminated from the body. Dr. Durrell uses advanced testing to address the underlying pathways that eliminate and utilize the hormones in the body. Through examination of inflammation, detoxification, gut health, and nutritional insufficiencies, Dr. Durrelloptimizes the underlying pathways that lead to hormone optimization. This can help with many women’s health issues including fertility, fibroids, and peri and post menapausal symptoms to help a woman feel and function at her very best.

Discover the root cause of high cholesterol, high blood sugar and heart disease and find it years before it causes irreversible damage to your body. We use advanced testing and a holistic approach to heart health including blood sugar optimization, optimizing vitamins, nutrients and healthy fats and lowering inflammation and oxidative stress.

Dr. Durrell knows that issues with the skin are greater than skin deep. For optimal skin health, and to determine the root cause of many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and cystic acne, Dr. Durrell examines your gut health, and essential vitamin, mineral and healthy fat intake. Whether it’s a problem with acne, aging or you simply want to look your very best, Dr. Durrell has extensively researched the most advanced and effective topical skin ingredients. Dr. Durrell
carefully scrutinizes ingredients and is able to use medical grade compounding pharmacies individually prescribed to each individual. Why spend money on expensive skin creams with low potency and questionable ingredients? Now you can get the active ingredients at a medical grade that have been shown to improve collagen and elasticity to skin.

Weight loss is about more than what you see when you step on the scale, it is about fixing the underlying causes of unhealthy fat. Dr. Durrell utilizes the most advanced body composition device to ensure fat loss while not losing muscle. Dr. Durrell utilizes advanced gut microbiome testing, thyroid, adrenal and hormone optimization to individualize a way of eating that is based on optimizing nutrients, controlling inflammation and improving overall metabolism. Learn more

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