The power of personalized medicine

We are all unique. Just like each snowflake, fingerprint, grain of sand has its own imprint and character, so do you. Here is how we individualize medicine so that it works for you.

First, your body composition. The lean muscle mass and fat is essential to monitor and hydration as well. Whether the water is intracellular, going into the cell, or too much is outside the cell not getting in, is important. Remember, visceral fat, the fat around the organs, is the most inflammatory and can accurately be measured with bioelectrical impedance. Your body composition is personalized to you, not a BMI, or a weight that is compared to others.

Next, your vitamins, nutrients are accurately checked through a blood test that checks the levels within the cells. The tests we use are more accurate and measure what your cell really needs and is using. Your vitamins and nutrients are optimized specifically for your needs.

Next, your microbiome, your gut bacteria. There is so much about this and we use the most advanced DNA stool test to actually identify many species and count them because when they overgrow they become inflammatory and inflammation is at the root of many diseases. Your gut bacteria is unique to you and its best for it to be balanced.

Personalized medicine is knowing your whole health story. The tests dig deeper to get to the root cause. There are tests for excessive toxins in the environment or chronic infections. These reveal root causes of symptoms that were being treated by medications that only address the symptoms.

For personalized medicine to work, you want your mitochondria functioning at its best and this includes antioxidants, methylation, inflammation, and detoxification.