Gut Bacteria Testing for optimal health

What is your gut feeling? Today, more than ever before, we realize that the root causes of chronic illness starts in the gut, the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The GI tract is home to an entire ecosystem of microorganisms ( known as the microbiome). This means living in a symbiotic relationship with its host, which is you. These microorganisms do more than just reside with in us. They are essential for life and health. They are important for hormone production, immune system regulation, and vitamin synthesis. We now know that there is a critical link between health benefits or disease risks about by these microorganism that live within the human body. Now, new research is emerging that suggests there are links between our microbes and numerous diseases, including obesity, arthritis, autism, and depression. Almost anything you can imagine has an effect on the microbiome. We are discovering that microbes are deeply integrated into almost all aspects of our lives. Microbes are redefining what it means to our well being and health.

Today we can accurately assess each person\’s microbiome and have a clearer understanding the relationship between an unhealthy microbiome (dysbiosis) and the link to many chronic illnesses. This advanced DNA testing to diagnose gastrointestinal health by assessing both healthy bacteria and pathogens in the GI tract. This GI MAP begins your journey to achieving optimal health today! The DNA stool Analysis identifies underlying causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Autoimmune Related Disorders, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Chronic Gastrointestinal Symptoms.

Don’t you want to know if taking probiotics is the right thing? The Gi Map test gives you not only the types of bacteria but also the amount so you know if there is an overgrowth in which case probiotics would not be indicated. If there are certain types of bacteria that are overgrown then there could be inflammation and an increase risk to auto-immunity. There are natural herbs and nutrients that can balance the gut bacteria and eliminate unwanted bacteria.

Know what you are made up and get your gut into balance and see how much better you feel when the gut-brain, gut-heart, gut-immune and gut-inflammation connection is at its healthiest.