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Environmental Chemicals and Health

Every day we are exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals through products like medications, pesticides, processed foods, cleaning products, pollution and cosmetics. As the chemicals increase so do chronic diseases. What does it mean when a chemical is called an endocrine-disrupter. These are chemicals that can interfere with the body\’s hormone system. Some can mimic hormones, and others block natural hormones from functioning normally. These chemicals are associated with hormonal cancers like breast cancer so women in particular should pay close attention to these toxicants, however, men have to be wary as well because prostate cancer has a hormonal basis and therefore these pseudo-hormones in the environment need to be avoided by all for optimal health. So what are the names of some of these dubious chemicals? First, there are phthalates and these are present in many consumer products. They are a plasticizer used to make plastic more flexible. They are in products such as toys, vinyl flooring, mattress covers, vinyl shower curtains, detergents and plastic food packaging. These chemicals are in personal care products like nail polish, hairsprays, shampoos, perfumes. Phthalates are also in water bottles and they are known to leech from the product into the food or beverage. Parabens is another class of endotoxins. They are used as preservatives in cosmetics and personal care products like toothpastes and shampoos.. They can be labeled methylparaban, propylparaban, butylparaban. The European Union has already banned these chemicals. A 3rd class of Endocrine-disrupters are bisphenols. Bispenol-A is the most common one, but they are using others bisphenol-B and bisphenol-F which are just as harmful. These can be in water bottles, plastic dishes, food packaging, canned food, paper sales receipts. At South Florida Integrative Health Center, we know that these chemicals can negatively affect hormones and lead to chronic disease so we use advanced urine testing that can be used to screen for the presence of 172 different environmental pollutants. Then we use a holistic evidence-based comprehensive program for both prevention and treatment.