Welcome to South Florida Integrative Health Center

We strive to practice not only high-quality medicine but high-quality service that is sensitive to the specific needs of the person. We are an evidence-based integrated primary care center combining the very best of conventional and Holistic medicine.

Our promise is to listen to you and give you the time and attention you deserve. We will take the time to consider all factors in your health such as lifestyle, environment, and genetics. We will address quality of sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress level, exposure to chemicals in your working and living environment. We treat the cause not the symptom by identifying the underlying cause of disease and addressing all aspects of life.

Patients feel very comfortable and welcome with Durrell, as he has extensive experience with natural healing plants and nutraceuticals that heal the body. His years of working as a Family Nurse Practitioner have given him a deep understanding of both modern medicine and natural medicine. These two combined help to find solutions that really work. Your path to health is tailored just for you in a safe, science-based, and professional manner.

Our Mission Statement

To effectively combine natural medicine and conventional medicine for optimal quality of care; to maximize your health and overall well-being. We listen carefully to your concerns, ask questions, and put together a comprehensive picture of what is going on to ensure a clear picture. Patients are welcomed in a warm and caring environment where their needs are met using both conventional and alternative treatments.

Meet the Practitioner

Hello I'm Durrell

For over 25 years, I have believed in the healing power of nature and have tirelessly sought out and incorporated into my practice, natural therapies from all over the world that support the body in the healing process. A student of Traditional and Eastern Medicine, I have studied Chinese herbal medicine, acupressure and Shiatsu. I have extensive experience working closely with patients using my evidence-based medical training combined with the traditional use of herbal medicine and nutrients to get to the root cause, not the symptoms, of many different conditions. With over 25 combined years of work as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Nutritionist, I have gained a deep understanding of both modern and natural medicine, incorporating the best of everything into developing the most cutting-edge and successful protocols, as seen in our 5-star reviews. Over the years, my combined knowledge has helped me to successfully treat many clients, helping them to find highly effective solutions by individualizing my clients’ path to health in a unique, safe, science-based, and professional manner. I look forward to helping you too, reach your health goals.